Pelvic Girdle Pain Program


Here’s what’s happening- The program is progressive. It’s starts off with gentle core and pelvic floor connection exercises and progresses over the 10 day period to include resistance exercises for the lower body, core and abdominals.
You will benefit more if you have a basic understanding and level of core and pelvic floor strength + fitness
You can complete this program on it’s own, or add it into your daily fitness routine!

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The pelvic girdle challenge is a 10 day exercise program to strengthen, stretch and release the muscles and tissues of the pelvic girdle, pelvic floor and core. Please note that this is NOT a weight loss or “get fit” program. It is not a program to heal diastasis recti or pelvic floor problems, nor is it for new mama’s. (See the Ultimate Core Restore series in the Store for this). This program will work best as part of your already existing exercise routine, or even better, pre pregnancy/trying to conceive and works well along with the treatment given to you by your physical therapist.

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