Complete Prenatal Program


This program is for all pregnant women, whether it is your first or fifth pregnancy! It is also gentle enough for women trying to fall pregnant. Both of these times in a woman’s life involve major physical and emotional changes and it is important to get the safest exercise, nutrition and birth advice possible. This program covers all those bases.


During pregnancy, your body undergoes significant anatomical and physiological changes in order to nurture and accommodate the development of your baby. These changes begin after conception and affect every organ system in the body. Therefore, it is absolutely 100% essential to choose your pregnancy program wisely. 

Despite the popular trend on social media, pregnancy is not the time to be aiming to dramatically increase your fitness or set any PB’s. Aim to maintain a basic level fitness to make pregnancy more comfortable, and to enable you to get back into exercising more easily after birth. You can adjust your program as your pregnancy progresses, and if yours is a low-risk pregnancy, and your doctor approves, you can continue to exercise right up until your due date.

This guide takes you through ALL stages of your pregnancy, from conception to week 40.  Each exercise is chosen carefully in this program, taking into account all the physiological changes and contraindications a woman’s body experiences during each trimester.

You will increase your fitness and strength, support your core, your pelvic floor, release tight ligaments or muscles which may pull or twist to relieve pelvic pain or discomfort during birth and support your changing body to prepare you for labour and the physical challenges of motherhood in a comprehensive fitness guide. Each routine contains an upper and lower body + a core workout all the way from week 1 to week 40.

There is also a nutrition PDF and a Birth Prep program beneficial for natural or C-section deliveries. All contain full high res images, exercise descriptions and lots of information you won’t find at the hospital!

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