What people are saying about Real Fitness for Mums.

“When I got to do modified burpees I was extremely excited as I realised I was on track towards returning to “normal” exercising. It got me moving with a lot more confidence, which makes looking after a growing baby so much easier. I Feel very lucky to be able to be a part of it!

Thanks again for the program, seriously was fantastic to keep me on track.
My Physio was always very impressed with the exercises and she said she even got a few good ideas for some of her clients also.”
Jess, Online ebook Customer

“The book is great – really informative but easy to read you’re not overwhelmed with content – the pictures help with this a lot. Ali is doing some really great work.”

Penny Hanlon, Women’s Health Physiotherapist

“Ali is very passionate about women’s health- particularly the importance of correct pelvic floor tone. She has extensive knowledge about training – what “to do” and what “not to do” pre and post delivery. Being the mum of two small girls, Ali brings this knowledge with experience and incorporates this into her fun and informative personal training sessions. I thoroughly recommend her to mums wanting to keep fit during pregnancy, those seeking to rehab their bodies post delivery and also for rehab of pelvic floor dysfunction. It was a delight training with her this week.”

 Jemma Stephens, Chiropractor

“I’ve been using the Ultimate Core Restore Ebook from Real Fitness for Mums for the last three weeks. I have been doing the exercises to heal and strengthen my core daily. When I started I had a three finger abdominal separation and now I am down to a one finger separation! Thank you so much ALI! My core feels so much stronger! I wish I had known all of this while I was pregnant so I could have repaired my body sooner!”I am forever grateful for Real Fitness for Mums, she saved my core”.

Asha, Online Customer

“Five months ago I wasn’t sure I would be running at all. I was terrified to move my body. The fear was paralysing and I hated it. I hated that I second guessed everything I felt, overanalysed any niggle, felt like my body betrayed me and didn’t trust to know what was good for me or not. There has been a lot of change and acceptance, it’s been difficult and altogether a bit crap at times. But I have hope now, and I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for meeting some fabulous women that have helped me get there. @realfitness4mums, Ali, is one of them. If you are a women who wants some postpartum specific fitness info check her out. She gave me hope when I felt despair and I am forever grateful for that!”Thank you so much, your core restore program has been an integral part to my success.”

Jo, PT Client & Online Customer

“When I started with Real Fitness for Mums I was a good 3-4 width finger gap and it was also pretty deep. After stage 2 I’ve been consistently staying at a 1 finger gap and now I am maintaining the closure with this 3rd stage! This ebook is super informative about what is happening with your body during and after pregnancy”.

Natalie, Online Customer

“Exercising while pregnant should be focused on keeping your body strong and preparing it for birth. Ali says aerobic and strength conditioning are beneficial, however, core strength and stability are imperative during pregnancy when the integrity of your core is compromised. Her program has made me feel more empowered than ever because she equips you with all the information you need to make the best decisions regarding prenatal fitness for YOU.”

Joy, Online Customer

“I’ve completed the 10 week restore your core program and am very happy with my results! Over the 11 weeks (I repeated week 7), I’ve dropped 4kgs and lost enough centimetres that I’m back wearing all my wardrobe which I’m super pleased about”.

“I love going to Ali’s classes, her classes are very one on one and which makes me feel very comfortable to ask questions – The classes are always encouraging  a lot of fun and educational.”
Mandy, Group Fitness Client

“My pelvic floor feels so much stronger!” – Sarah

“I am loving the workouts” – Lisa

“I have been able to restore my DR gap from 3cm to 1cm with the eBook!” – Taryn

“Having an ongoing back injury and continuing the gym meant I just kept getting injured over and over. However, since starting Pilates I have already noticed a huge improvement in my core strength, which in turn is helping my lower back problems. My back is holding up really well and I am able to return to exercise and I’m losing weight thanks to the Nutrition guidelines. Ali is very knowledgable and understanding of my needs and tailors our sessions perfectly for me! I cannot recommend Ali  enough!”

“My weekly workouts with Ali have been the highlight of this pregnancy and always leave me feeling strong and energised. Ali is so generous with her time and knowledge, so particular about form and the sessions are always tailored to exactly what I need on the day. She took the time to really get to know my history and my body and my needs. She pays so much attention to detail that I feel confident I am in safe hands and are doing something really great for my body and baby. Thanks to Ali, I have felt really great during this pregnancy and I cannot wait to get back into training with her after the baby arrives.”