Why I Quit Instagram

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From a purely business point of view deleting my instagram account looks like absolute stupidity. From a life perspective though, it is genius.

Instagram has been an amazing resource for my business, I have collaborated and connected with likeminded coaches, brands and clients all over the world. I have told the world what I do. I have voiced my opinions (to many dislikes) to the world. I have learnt and passed on that learning to everyone possible in my little following. I have sold hundreds of ebooks to mums everywhere. I devoted my heart and soul into my account  – and sadly this just wasn’t sustainable. I felt like I were actually living two lives – one online, and my real life.

Some may say that if I really cared about pelvic health and education that I should have kept my account idle. And I agree. However, I have been stewing on this for 12months or more. Without a doubt or a hint of exaggeration, I deleted instagram off my devices over 30 times. But it always found a way to suck me back in. I knew if it remained idle, I’d only last a few days at most before I was back on!

Fitness on instagram has blown up in recent years. Since the rise of Kayla Istines, every female fitness trainer and every female under the age of 30 is trying make it big, like her. Instagram of late seems to be just a platform to gain followers and then turn it in to cash. My account started 100% out of the desire to document my own postnatal journey,  fill the gap in the fitness industry and to genuinely help other females having babies. My ebooks were an after thought, and thanks to some awesome collaborations and followers, they were a success!

But then I started comparing myself to other accounts. I was thinking about followers and likes and checking my feed much too often. And my face to face business was virtually non existent. My insecurities created by instagram were even affecting my real job and my relationships. And what will my kids remember about me? That I was always looking at my phone?! (not to mention the constant radiation my body would have been absorbing from device usage!)

I just want to live my life. I want to be present with my Kids. I want to focus on the face to face aspect of my business and be good at my real job. (not just my virtual one). Instagram was a distraction that was causing me to doubt and hate myself.

I genuinely do care about all you lovely mamas who are on the other side of the world. That’s why I am continuing with my ebooks, and my blog and website. I am currently working on my Crossfit for Postpartum + The POP Ebooks.  I don’t want it to be about earning money, or being on top. I just want to make this hard to find info on pelvic health and education available to mums everywhere. And maybe, sometime in the future I will be back on IG.

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xx Ali



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