Real Fitness for Mums© is a Fitness + Rehab Program for women during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Our desire is to educate, motivate and support women through these life changing + mental, physical & emotionally demanding years. Real Fitness for Mums© is available as an online or Face to Face Program that has been tried an tested by thousands of women all over the world and is backed up by up-to-date evidence-based research. Our intention is to restore and to rebuild from the inside out, encourage quality of movement and to help YOU stay as injury-free, strong and healthy as possible.

Here you will find online guides for everything you need to get your prenatal and postpartum fitness needs sorted.

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⇒ Heal Diastasis Recti

⇒ Improve and Prevent Incontinence and Pelvic organ Prolapse

⇒ Run, Jump, Laugh, Crossfit – all without Leaking!

⇒ Avoid injuring your lower back, hips, or abs

⇒ Lose Body Fat


I cover it all!


Workouts can be done from home + anywhere in the WORLD.


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Real Fitness for Mums was created by mum of two girls, Ali Frendin in 2014  because she noticed a gap in the fitness industry for women returning to sport and exercise after having a baby. Her postnatal ebooks are fitness guides centreing around healing Diastasis Recti (DRA), strengthening the pelvic floor and also on building a foundation of strength to meet the demands of motherhood, as well as coaching for those wanting to return to their previous level of athleticism.

She is on a mission to be the best in understanding the deep physical and mental challenges associated with pregnancy, birth and motherhood. She wants to educate, inspire and motivate all mums (and fitness trainers!) so that we can all achieve a healthier culture of “postnatal exercise”.


NEW! Pre + Postnatal Pilates, Mat Pilates and Core + Movement Classes in Newport Pilates Studio.

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